Lucky Tiger Casino

Is this your first time with us? If so, hello… it’s time to prepare and marvel at some superb introductory bonuses at Lucky Tiger Casino. That’s not all we’ve got in store for you though. If you are eager to see what else you might be able to claim when you play at our casino, get ready for some pleasant surprises.

Three superb Newcomer Bonuses await

Three? Oh yes – you see, we don’t stop at the first deposit bonus, even though we offer a generous bonus worth up to $2,600 along with 100% cashback. For your second deposit, we don’t match that, we exceed it – to the tune of up to $2,800. Plus, the cashback, of course. Finally, your third deposit looks tasty too, with up to $3,000 to grab and 50% cashback on top. Can you think of a welcome package to top that?

Prepare for some Daily Quests

We love nothing better than a challenging quest at Lucky Tiger Casino. So, we’ve set you a challenge each day. How many will you be able to fulfil over the course of a week, we wonder? Wonder no more because details of each Daily Quest are available for you whenever you’re ready. With deposit bonuses plus free spins on popular slots, Lucky Tiger Casino could send you in the direction of some good fortune.

Discover some Special Adventures too

If all that was not enough, you can also prepare for some adventures during your time at Lucky Tiger Casino. We won’t spoil the surprise, but we’ll just say there are numerous adventures you can go on. Stay tuned and make sure you’re ready to receive news, offers, and special promos from us.